Window fittings

When choosing window fittings, safety and durability need to be taken into account. We offer everything related to window fittings, whether it is new construction or renovation.

We offer for example combi window stay, perforated iron, window locks, door handles and remote-controlled window motors from Axa.


Window handles

High quality window handles and window shutters from AXA, FIX and PN Beslag.

Window hooks

Do not forget window hooks for your windows. Increases safety and makes it more difficult to tension the window up.

Window hinges

Window hinges and rail hinges from AXA and IPA Beslag.

Window locks

It can be just as important to have strong locks for windows and for doors. 

Electric window opener

A number of solutions available for most types of windows, such as a remote-controlled window motor that makes it easy to open and close windows that are difficult to reach.

Combi window stay

Combi window stay from Axa, both classic and modern. Available for small and large windows.

Window safety locks

Window safety bars, window safety locks and window brakes to prevent the window from opening.

Orders are picked up at Vélar & Verkfæri warehouse at Skútuvogur 1c, 104 Reykjavík, if you do not choose home delivery via Pósturinn.

For further information, you can contact the sales department via phone 550-8500 or via email