Vélar & Verkfæri serve both professionals and others. We only sell high-quality and durable tools that are suitable for those who make high demands.


First-class selection of drill sets, can drills, metal drills and wood drills. From Izar, Heller, Bahco, Blu-Mol and Irwin.

Chemical products

Large selection of chemical products at a great prices. We have polish, gloss, detergent, lock spray, glue and lubricants from Ambro-Sol, Autosol and Bondloc.

Hand tools

A good selection of hand tools that suit the demand for products. Special emphasis is placed on high-quality hand tools for industrial companies, air operators and car repair shops, where good tools are important.

Laser tools

Laser tools are ideal for increasing the speed and accuracy of measurements while saving valuable labor. Laser rangefinders are easy to use for anyone. They can measure up to 200 meters with great accuracy and offer all kinds of useful functionality. We have a few great brands for example laser tools from Stabila. 

Measuring instruments

Large selection of measuring instruments such as inclinometers, measuring tapes, rulers and other measuring instruments from Stabila, Bahco, BMI to name a few.

Power tools

High-quality power tools that are easy to use and available in all price ranges, both for professionals and others. We only offer high-quality and durable power tools from well-known manufacturers, from for example SKIL, Panasonic, Hazet, SKIL RED, Sparky, Stayer and among others.

Abrasive and cutting tools

Við erum með úrval af skurðar- og slípiskífum, meðal annars frá Rhodius og Stayer.

Workshop tools

We offer high quality and durable workshop tools from well-known brands e.g. USAG, Bahco, Hazet, Awelco and Stanley.


Wide range of clothing for workers e.g. work gloves, earmuffs, dust masks and goggles, from brands like Dewalt, Stanley and Elipse.

Orders are picked up at Vélar & Verkfæri warehouse at Skútuvogur 1c, 104 Reykjavík, if you do not choose home delivery via Pósturinn.

For further information, you can contact the sales department via phone 550-8500 or via email [email protected]