Large selection of batteries for everything from small household appliances to larger tools and work equipment. We offer batteries from Varta, Camelion, Fujitsu and Japcell.

CR Batteries

Large selection of CR batteries from Varta.

Portable power banks

Portable power banks from Varta, ideal to take with you on a trip to charge your phone, tablet and other devices.

Rechargeable batteries

Many types of rechargeable batteries and chargers from Varta, Nitcore and Camelion.

Lithium batteries

Good lithium batteries of various types and sizes from Varta.


Powerful alkaline batteries of all shapes and sizes from Varta, Camelion, Fujitsu and Japcell.

Orders are picked up at Vélar & Verkfæri warehouse at Skútuvogur 1c, 104 Reykjavík, if you do not choose home delivery via Pósturinn.

For further information, you can contact the sales department via phone 550-8500 or via email [email protected]