HAZET Höggskrúfjárn hleðslu 2×2.0Ah Li-Ion + Taska 9213M/6

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Höggskrúfjárn með tveimur Li-ion hleðslubatteríum

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HAZET 9213-1000/3 Cordless impact wrench

Work independently

High efficiency thanks to brushless motor
3-piece set, contents:
cordless impact wrench, battery charger, Li-ion battery (1x)
18 V, 5 Ah

Suitable for continuous operation
Robust machine housing
There are three power stages to choose from for torque acceleration
Stage 1: approx. 180 Nm at 0-400 rpm
Stage 2: approx. 400 Nm at 0-800 rpm
Stage 3: approx. 1000 Nm at 0-1800 rpm
Illumination of the work area before the output begins to move
Li-Ion battery with significantly lower self-discharge (only 2%) compared to a standard NiMH rechargeable battery (15-25%)
Replacement battery: 9212-05
Battery net weight: 0.659 kg
Battery charger net weight: 0.66 kg
Case net weight: 2.15 kg
Dimensions including rechargeable battery: 278 x 230 x 89.5 mm
Including belt clip, attachable on both sides
Brushless DC motor (BLDC)
– Longer lifetime, less wear, no change of the carbon brushes required
– Greater efficiency and thus less battery consumption
– More compact motor allows for smaller installation dimensions
Charging time with 5 Ah rechargeable battery approx. 80 min
Sound power level: 112 db(A) Lp W
Vibration acceleration: 17.80 m/s2
Loosening torque (max) determined with screw size M: 24
Forward and reverse: multi-stage (right/left)
Plastic box
Output: Square, solid 20 mm (3/4 inch)
Net weight: 3.7 kg
Tightening torque max.: 1000 Nm
Maximum loosening torque: 1400 Nm
Sound pressure level: 101 dB(A) Lp A
Revolutions per minute: 0 – 1800
Do you know – Li-Ion batteries:

Do not have any memory effect
Consist of cells with 3.6 V each
After full charge they have a higher voltage than 3.6 V i.e. 5 cells each 3.6 V = 18 V – but after full charge a peak voltage of up to 20 V is possible
Attention: For a longer lifetime of the battery please store it charged up to 50 to 80 % only
Have an energy density which is twice as high as nickel cadmium batteries, for example
Have a nominal voltage three times higher than a nickel metal hydride battery
Require multiple complete charging cycles to reach full capacity
Number of tools: 3